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Part of Tracy's goal with this race is to bring awareness and support for the following conservationist organizations. In support of Tracy and this cause please consider a donation to these organizations. You will find a "Moots miles" donation button on their web sites:

Rivers Unlimited
Little Miami State Park

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Here's a little video one of the guys took on the trail. You can hear the wind and see it push Tracy's bike at one point. Imagine 70 miles of pushing through wind like that.


  1. Lookin' good Tracy! Good to see your smiling face... one pedal at a time, one pedal at a time. I admire you more with every passing mile... although I'm not sure how it's possible to admire you more than I already do ! ;-) You're an amazing womyn.

  2. I second that!! And it's so good to SEE you in photos and videos posted. You can do this - think with each pedal rotation it gets you closer to the loving arms of all those who think you are the greatest and can't wait to welcome you home!!! Judi