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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Tracy has tendonitis in her IT band. The booties she was wearing threw her stroke off. She is pressing on. Arranged for an urgent care clinic visit in Whitefish, MT.


  1. I think Whitefish is where she had her steroid "crotch" shot when we did the transcon way back in '97--wonder if it'll be the same clinic. Poor thing


  2. If someone knows how Tracy can watch this video - please pass it along... it's the best answer I could find for the IT band problem (besides "rest" - yeah, right...!)


    (This is the third time I've posted this, but it doesn't show up later... they'll probably all show up at once in an hour or so...!)

  3. I told Tracy yesterday...Whitefish, you gotta make it there. That is where Louise and you had some serious clinical care on our trip!!!! That is before I heard she had tendonitis in her IT band...but I know she will get good care...I see you still movin' girl! I am gritting my teeth for you...I biked today, thinking of you all day!!! Love, your sister, Kara

  4. Tracy, if you can find arnica or rux tox for inflammation. It would help. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. Hang in there Tracy! Sending you healing thoughts and love.

  6. Tracy, I hope that you know how many people are pulling for you. We are wishing you the best. Your Health and Happiness matter most. I hope to see your little pink balloon moving along the route soon.
    Tracey B.

  7. I was excited & concerned to see you on the road again. If love & prayers can get you through you certainly have them.