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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update from Butte

Report from Tracy, she spent the night in Butte mostly because she was not feeling well again. Nausea and diarrhea have returned. She got dehydrated yesterday and we believe that has contributed to problems with altitude acclimation. She has spent the morning dealing with those issues. She also was experiencing face numbness. So this all led to a late start out of Butte but she is now on her way. Taking it hour by hour.

She did a callin last night, you can follow this link to hear it:

Tracy's callin from Butte.


  1. Wow shes really going through a lot. Poor thing :( but when the race is over itll make for some good stories. Chin up tracy!! -madison-

  2. Hi Tracy, I'm glad you are finally feeling better. I think about you everyday. Enjoy the ride and take care of yourself!! You are loved! Becky and Mike

  3. Wish I could send some trail angels to mend you. Anxiously awaiting the next news of you Tracy. Keeping the faith...

  4. "I have dreamed on this mountain -
    Since first I was my mother's daughter -
    And you can't just take my dreams away – not with me watching -
    No you can't just take my dreams away – without me fighting No you can't just take my dreams away."

    SO good to hear your voice Tracy ! You sounded great.


  5. We're all rooting for you, Tracy! Stay strong. Be safe. You are such an inspiration to us all! Megan, Jeff and kids

  6. Hey, Cin - heard anything from Tracy from the airport? What's going on? - Steph

  7. Hey Tracy - If you're bringing up the rear, all I gotta say is "Nice ass!"

    Stay safe & have fun,

  8. Hey Tracy, Your future health is very important! We all love you & want you to be safe & well. You are amazing!!!! Let me know if you need anything I can help you with from Florida! Love, Mom

  9. Listen to your Mother- Health first! we will all still be here for you no matter what!
    Love Ya!
    Mary & Laurie

  10. While I'm sure it is terribly disappointing for Tracy I'm glad that she is pulling out of the race and resting up!
    You're a rock star, Tracy!
    Julie Gourley

  11. Sometimes things happen that we cannot predict & they have such an impact on our livesw. To be in that bike shop when the riders came in is certainly a do do do do moment that was meant to be. I can almost see your face light up & your back straighten & your energy return!! Happy that you have doctors approval and a little medical help for your ailments. Good to see your i'm A-OK & your status change on your site!! You go as far as you want & know that we are all still here in the cheering section!!! Love, Mom