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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Terror not from bears.....

When I pulled into Helena I went directly to the bike shop. As we all know the MOOTS has been flawless but I needed to take care of her....a little TLC was in order. As the mechanics worked I planned. I looked at maps, talked to locals, and yes, I googled the route out of Helena to see how long it would take me to get to the camp ground at the top of the pass. Google said three hours, it was 6:30 so I decided to push on. Let me tell you it was a HAUL. Twenty some odd mile climb.... in the granny ....huffing and puffing ...and.... I do not think google ever did it on a loaded bike at the end of the day. At 10 pm I am finally at the turn for the camp ground. As I turn this guy in a pick up comes by (I have not seen a car on the road in four days except in Helena). He stops and we talk for a minute and then he hops out of the truck. I notice he has a firearm on his side. That kind of shakes my nerves a bit. He goes to the back of the truck where he has a cooler and pulls out an ice tea and hands me one...and I think ... Okay he is a nice guy. Right? Then he offers to drive the little bit to the camp ground to show me the way, its only a quarter mile, its off route and he insists so I say okay. I figured when I got among other campers things would be fine. When we arrived there were no other campers....none. Not even an empty trailer. He looked around, I looked around, he looked me up and down and then said ..."you gonna be alright?" I said "yes absolutely" and he left. I went directly to the rickety bathroom and locked the rickety door. I should have moved on but I was cold, tired and hungry. The bathroom won out over more miles. I ate, laid my stuff out, fought the mice for floor space and finally dozed off. The crunch of gravel and head lights through the glazed bathroom glass woke me, my heartbeat crowded out any further sounds. The lights shone in the window for a moment then moved toward the direction of the campground. I stared out the window and watched the lights take a slow path around the sites and back down to the bathroom. I ducked below the window and was swallowed by my heartbeats once again. Then the truck moved away and toward the exit... I was wishing for a bear.


  1. I've always said I worry more about the humans I might run into in the woods than the other animals. Obviously, you're okay, but it wasn't nice at all to leave us on pins and needles with this cliffhanger ending!! Good to hear from you - great to hear how much you're getting out of this experience. Take care. - Steph

  2. First, we are so very glad that the guy in the truck didn't have a chain saw. Second, we are glad you holed up in the bathroom with the mice, just in case he came back with one. Third, we are hoping Ms. Moots is getting a bath and some grease to maintain her flawless figure.

    Be Safe!

  3. Is this your THIRD night in a bathroom? Who knew they'd provide such lovely accommodations!

  4. E-Gads Tracy ! The way you tell a story swallows ME whole !
    I'm more than grateful it had a good ending, and the photo helps tell the story. Never a dull moment is there !?!?
    Be safe, and trust that instinct of yours.

  5. Sorry about that Tracy. Most Montanans, as you've seen, are generous and kind. There is always one in the group to ruin that and you did the right thing. Keep 'er going. Town of Ovando.

  6. That would have freaked me out too! What doesn't kill you makes you stonger, so kick it in gear tomorrow. You are amazing! But geezel... be careful what you wish for - on the next leg, I wish you antelope, elk, sage grouse and whooping cranes, and more otters sightings...not grizzly's.

  7. NIce looking bathroom. I can see why you stayed there! Elaine

  8. Hi Tracy. When we looked this morning, there hadn't been a track since around 4pm yesterday (6/27)...we were concerned. Little did we know that we were gonna have the bejeesus shaken out of us! We're so thankful that everything turned out well. Hang in there girl (and peddle faster ;0). Be safe and enjoy the ride. Love you...Sandy & Marge

  9. Tracy my heart was in my throat as I read your blog & That was AFTER I had not seen or heard anything from you for over 24 hours! Thankfully Kara & Cindy told me you were OK (as in still in one piece) but not feeling very well. Take care!! Be safe!! Get well & don't scare us anymore PLEASE!!!! Love, Mom

  10. Hey, thanks Cindy or whoever posted this. Her spot isn't working for two days and I thought she was in some kind of trouble holed up for a day and a half at that resort. Her page isn't coming up on the leaderboard at all this afternoon. You had me worried to death, Tracy!!! But I can see you are having some very exciting adventures and really know how to take care of yourself. I always found Montana to be a very mixed bag, so your two adventures don't surprise me. Just get the hell outta Dodge! I am so excited you are doing well and I get to share this incredible adventure with you!!! You go grrrl!!!! Judi