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Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh no another problem...

I was biking along the bike path outside Butte high above the highway when I noticed a jeep following my progress down below. This was not to many days after the campground incident so my first thought was... Uh oh. He was off the highway and on the berm moving at my pace..... CHIT! As I came down a hill even with the interstate i saw the guy had parked and had gotten out of his jeep and was walking toward the fence separating us. I veered to the far side of the trail. Then the guy yelled at me " hey are you Tracy Burge?" I stopped and cautiously answered. I wondered if there was something wrong at home or ... Then he said " I am Russ Kipp from the biker hostel in Polaris we have been following you and all the other racers and I was driving along and saw you up there and had to stop and say hello!" My voice cracked as I thanked him for stopping... He looked at me funny...I told him it was so good to hear my name and have such a welcome. He took my picture and we talked a bit and he told me to see him in Polaris... And by golly I did!


  1. When I first started reading I was prepared for some action!! Tracy burge kicking butt!! -Madison-

  2. How the HELL does that happen? But then, for Tracy,it happens! Tracy you're just phenomenal, a wonder, and a gift! And you r kickin' butt! Keep that Moots a'rollin'. :)
    Sandy B

  3. Thank God is the first thing that came to mind. Actually, it's the second thing that came to mind as well.

    I've been google-earthing the view from the ground via lat-long.... that is some beautiful country Tracy. Beautiful !

  4. New call-in from Tracy, entering Wyoming:


    So good to hear your voice - keep riding strong!!

  5. Cool trace. Would imagine it gets pretty lonely sometimes. Glad he stopped to say hello!