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Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you

From Tracy:

"I am sitting here in Bannock State Park Montana with wifi ..... that is hard enough to believe. What is harder to believe is the support all of you send my way. I read your text and comments on the blog and a big frog gets stuck in my throat. Your comments remind me to be kind to myself, I appreciate that so much. This race has turned out much differently than I thought it would....it's been difficult for me to... assimilate into reality, and accept. It has been your kindness,love and support; your grace....that has reminded me of my own. Thank you."


  1. You can so do it. One mile at a time!

  2. A wise womyn I know once said --

    "... because I know I can finish this. That's not a question... it's how fast. That's the question."

    Love you Tracy.

  3. Gawd, you can make us weep...

  4. Hi Tracy. When we looked this morning, there hadn't been a track since around 4pm yesterday (6/27)...we were concerned. Little did we know that we were gonna have the bejeesus shaken out of us! We're so thankful that everything turned out well. Hang in there girl (and peddle faster ;0). Be safe and enjoy the ride. Love you...Sandy & Marge