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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tendonitis cont...

There was more of an issue than the IT band. She had edema which caused some alarm. And she was nauseated. Not feeling well at all. Blood tests showed her protein levels were low. She is resting for a day maybe two and will continue on her own. She, in true Tracy form, has been adopted by a medical worker from the clinic and his family (he is an athlete himself) and so she is enjoying a great home cooked meal and a warm comfortable home.


  1. Not surprised... TB is SO "adoptable!" I hope some R&R and good food will do the trick.

  2. 'Please enjoy the music while we pause for an intermission'

    ...isn't that the saying?? Now I can get something done until she starts up again! I am so thankful for the kindness of Whitefish, thank you! I love that town!
    Your concerned sister! Kara
    This won't hold TRacy up for long, she will do it...even a day later! As we learned, everyday you get stronger and stronger!

  3. lol, Kara. Yes, we all know that she will bounce back. - beverly

  4. Any word from Tracy today? Looks like she probably turned her SPOT off yesterday - last update it shows is 6/13 (took me a while to notice that - I was thinking she was just camped out at Peak Ortho!). Hopefully the cortisone will be enough to get her moving again. I know she's got to be incredibly frustrated. If anyone is communication, let her know we're sending her all of the positive, healing energy we can conjure up, please. - Stephanie

  5. Keep it up Tracy! I know you will be back on the bike as soon as you can...we're pulling for you!