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Monday, June 25, 2012


and another from Tracy:

"Sometimes I wake up and I think " why" " what am I doing?" another pass , more wind ... And "where am I going?" Last night and this morning gave me plenty answers. I pulled into Wise River and stepped into mosquito heaven. I was swatting and dancing when a local offered some " bug dope". I took some, and got an offer of margaritas and camping as well. I took that too. I went into the restaurant and there were five other riders ....and they said to me " are you the girl on the MOOTS?" We talked and shared stories and had some food then three of us headed to the campsite offered. When we got there it was a bonanza in many ways. Food, liberal people , good conversation and open arms. They also knew all about the race. One guy in particular went over and over my bike...he loved it ....and of course I told him it was flawless. In the morning he came to tell us good bye and wistfully looked over my bike again. We took off for the day and waved our goodbyes. Later half way up the pass as I was taking a picture I heard a bike roll up; I liked over my shoulder. It was Ed the guy at the campsite. He couldn't stand it....he had to ride the divide even for a little bit. He was so excited, so was his wife. Later someone else from the campsite handed a dark chocolate candy bar out the window to me. People were smiling and hooting and hollering. It was great. It was also a wonderful reminder."


  1. Tracy: You are amazing. The fact that you were so sick, then continued on speaks for itself. The second time you "almost" quit, there were people to ride with you. Now, reading these, you've altered even more people's attitudes. While I do not know you personally, I would love to meet you! As a teacher/instructor, I try to change people's attitudes and knowledge. You are doing so just by being you. I wish there were some kind of medical award... both you and Eric Foster would deserve it after this year's race. Thank you for being more than yourself for "us" - your "online" fans!! I know I will keep watching & reading until you are done!! :-) A new Kansas City follower of yours...

  2. Wow Tracy, support all over from people who didn't even know you prior to the race. You ARE amazing! Who else would ride the divide and make friends all along the way. OK, the MOOTS is quite the magnet....but we all know who the attraction is. A lot of love is coming at you via that buckeye.

  3. Tracy, you should be so proud!! To keep going with all that you've endured, but the pull to see what/who might come along next has to be strong motivator too. You've already done/seen more than most of us get to do.I'll keep on praying for your dream and wishing you a wonderful adventure.
    Kathy B.

  4. I was camping last weekend and happened to see an e-mail that said to stay tuned something about a Phoenix Rising. I knew that could only mean one thing, Tracy was back in the race! There is more to this race than competition and I think you are finding that out each mile you go and each person you meet along the way. Enjoy each moment! Looking forward to your next blog entry!
    Mary & Laurie

  5. I certainly hope the "flawless" Moots people have you on their payroll as a marketing ambassador! They've already gotten 800+ miles of advertising and good will to all as you've wound your way South.

  6. It's a great reminder there are Angels everywhere! You are an inspiration! Enjoy the journey!

    Love ya!


  7. "Ed the guy at the campsite" here! Laurie and I loved our short time with you, and were inspired by you. we were lucky to have crossed paths. Keep up the spirit and we'll be tracking you! Hope you get some tailwinds...

    Ed & Laurie
    Missoula, MT

  8. I sort of imagine Tracy pulling into Antelope Wells with an entourage. That would be so like her, wouldn't it? And they would all be some of the coolest people you ever met. As Bill Donnelly always says, Tracy just has a way of drawing good people to her. Ed, we're quite sure you're good people. ~ Stephanie

  9. Wonderful post! I think you'll end up taking more of this trip into the future with you than you ever imagined!
    Love, -cindylist

  10. Tracy,
    Did you see Jill Homer mentioned you on her blog:

  11. And this is why I call her "the Pied Piper of Clarksville"... might have to change it to "Moot's Pied Piper"...keep rolling babe!