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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Richmond Peak Pass

In Whitefish the guys at the bike shop predicted there would be snow on Richmond peak ; so as I got closer I prepared myself. Let me tell you...I had no idea... I was a babe in the woods. When i got near the pass the cue sheet said turn left and follow single track around Richmond peak ....so I turned left. The single track was in the thick of bear country so I turned up the volume and frequency of my voice. The trail began to close in and get snowy, I began to get nervous and ....more nervous. I worked my way around the mountain side talking loudly and pushing in knee deep slushy snow and getting ... Nervous. As I made the turn around the mountain I entered a huge, vast, expansive valley full of .... snow, lots of snow. And lots of trees hiding bears-with-cubs and mountain lions. I started talking like there were two people (I thought that was a pretty good strategy)
"hey jack"
"get the chain saw"
Then later ....
"hey jack"
"get the shot gun"
.... That one made me feel a bit better. I must admit I DO NOT like being part of the food chain.
My head was down, it was hard going and then ....I noticed I was off trail. I was walking in the mountains, alone, off trail and did not know where I was. You guys had more of a clue than I. I looked into the vast wilderness in front of me and the endless valley leading in both directions away from me and my conversation slipped into this.
"Oh Tracy you have done it this time".
Then I mimicked myself (hand on cocked hip, mousy voice)
" I want to find my limits".
Then I asked myself
"have you found them? Huh? You are in the thick of grizzly country in a vast valley and you are lost!"
"Have you found your limits?"
I yelled ....
"I do not like this!"
All at the top of my voice. With great ,let me tell you, GREAT relief I found my trail. I went back to the jack-get-the-chain-saw-or-gun conversation. When I finally got out of the snow I celebrated with wine and cheese (Gatorade and three day old cheese sticks). I was elated.


  1. Tracy, you know those bears are having a conversation over their Bud Lights...."ey Bear, who's the nut case having a conversation with herself on the Moots?" :) As you say, I would be chit-less out there and lost, even for a few minutes! By the way, we are ready for a book with all of your stories!
    Keep cycling.....Wex

    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the book idea!!!

  2. Your favorite school psychologist says it is okay to talk to yourself (in the wilderness)----if you start talking to yourself at LHS WE will need to talk:)

  3. Tracy: Again, you are amazing!! Being alone in the heart of nature really does freak some people out, but it seems as if you are succeeding at keeping on keeping on. You remind me of Dora in Finding Nemo - - "just keep swimming... just keep swimming" - - except yours would be "just keep biking... just keep biking"!! :-) (Still 'spot stalking' you from Kansas City & wishing you well on the rest of your ride!!)

  4. Hahahahahahahaha. Tracy tracy tracy

  5. WHOA!! The good news is you will come home fear-less. Those brushes with our greatest fears makes our regular little lives a piece of cake!!! Keep slogging and congratulate yourself for being one helluva BRAVE WOMAN!! xo Judi

  6. A story well-told! I can hardly wait for more!

  7. I see a new career in your future. You can tour the country doing one woman shows. Eve Ensler did a whole show about vaginas. Your stories are much more diverse, and, some might say (like Cindy List above), better told and more entertaining! Between your tour of the world and Conquer the Divide, I figure you have more than enough material to carry you right into retirement!

  8. Ride on, Tracy! Ride ON! We're cheerin'!

  9. Good GOD, what next ?! These updates are getting more stressful to read every time womyn ! ;-)

  10. Tracy we are sending you well-wishes! Can't wait to hear some more stories! take care, and stay away from strange men....

    Rebecca and Mike

  11. I understand from excellent sources that Bears only go for humans with muffin tops...haven't seen any evidence of any muffins on recent pics. Following you every stroke of the way, Tracy.
    Love and sending protein filled energy.

  12. Me and Zuddies send our love. Think of Apalachin Al, Sandy Dexter, Peb Rock and Sue Murk. Justarado! Why don't you come to your senses? Hara na la fences, and dogs don't have to rhyme words. Xo