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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Check-in/OK message from tracytracker SPOT Messenger

GPS location Date/Time:06/17/2012 16:23:49 EDT

Message:Checking in with my SPOT tracker. I am A-OK.

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  1. Hi Tracy,we found you at Orvando just above my Daughter Darlene's place. We were so excited that you had just checked in. It we had't been so tired my Grandson and I would have drove up and tried to find you.Looks like you had a great day. Oh there is a couple behind you according to the map. You went thru a lot today and looks like you have that climb tomorrow on to Lincoln. My SIL is working just this side of Lincoln on your trail so he will be looking for you.... Hope you get together. Had such a good time with them telling about your adventures.WE will be tracking you!! Hugs Elaine