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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Speedy Friends Go Zoom All Through The Night..

Report from Tracy, she did indeed have a cold and windy night at Park Lake because of the altitude, "I was f..rr..eeeee..zzING." She stayed in one of those concrete bathroom structures (another night on a bathroom floor, at least she wasn't throwing up this time) but she had some friends in the night. Mice kept running right over her at high speed ("zoom.. zoom") and they helped themselves to her rice crispie treats. This morning she is happy though, very upbeat. She has already gotten through the single track, she said, "it is very beautiful here". She is hightailing it to Baisn hoping to get to the pizza parlor before it closes. Again, she wants to stress that the Moots is flawless. "It doesn't flinch at the grizzlies..."


  1. Oooo... what fun! I kind of like mousies, but I'm not sure I'd want to be sharing my rice crispie treats with them! Seems like you got to Basin in plenty of time for pizza - ENJOY!!!
    Love, -cindylist

  2. GOOOOOOOO! Tracy!!!!!!! You've got some heart, grrrl!!!