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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tough day ahead today and more pics from Trace

Tracy is still pressing on. She faces a long, tough climb today on her way into Helena. We estimate it will take her roughly 12 hrs to get through this pass or passes today. Not only is it a crawling climb but she is being rained on in 40 degree weather and we anticipate snow again on the ridge at the top. She is feeling better though and last night she had "the biggest hamburger" she's ever eaten. Her IT band injury hurts with every stroke but is getting better with every day.

She encountered more trail angels at Ovando, see the pics below, they tell the story better than I could in words. Tracy will blog the story as soon as she gets a chance. I will post even more pics a little bit later.


  1. That's just the sweetest thing! It was great talking to her last night.

    Love, -cindylist

  2. That's fantastic. "Trail Angels" Love it.
    Really enjoying seeing the photos and getting caught up on the latest with Tracy. (blog angels too!)

  3. Just downloaded Google Earth on the laptop so I could check out the terrain and elevations.

    46.68192 latitude, -112.35402 longitude

    I can almost ride along with her in ground view....
    in my dreams, ha !

  4. We are cheering for you!
    Anna, Wray and Jackson :)

  5. Oh, super - thanks for the update - I was just checking her on the leaderboard and it looks like she hit her first hundred mile day today - she's got to feel great about that - way to go, Trace!! ~ Steph

  6. Sara tells me that after Park Lake, Tracy's going to encounter a really tough 5-mile stretch of singletrack - Sara had to push a lot of it - it'll be even worse for Tracy after the rain - she's also going to have a cold night at Park Lake, which is pretty high up in elevation - send her your warmest thoughts! ~ Steph

  7. Thanks for the report Steph. I had seen other racers crawl through there and heard a racer callin that talked about that area being "hike-a-bike" but didn't know what the conditions were to cause that. sheesh. 22 racers have pulled out, many of which did it after this stretch.

  8. Lauren PassarelliJune 20, 2012 at 11:39 AM

    Love & endurance to you Trace