Please consider a donation to conservationist organizations

Part of Tracy's goal with this race is to bring awareness and support for the following conservationist organizations. In support of Tracy and this cause please consider a donation to these organizations. You will find a "Moots miles" donation button on their web sites:

Rivers Unlimited
Little Miami State Park

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Noises in the dark.

There's a lot of activity out there at 4:45 am, who knew?? I had to get used to the sounds but not the sights. I can't see them. Have you ever heard a deer blow when they're scared? It's a lot lower than my scream when I hear them. It sounds like you're blowing the smoke from a newly shot finger gun but a lot louder, or a bull getting ready to charge but a lot sharper... "What was that?!" Turkeys are active at night as well, gobbling loudly in the woods beside the trail. I imagine it's the turkey hen yelling at the gobbler for staying out all night. She goes on and on as he stumbles down the hallway to bed. He gives little reply. Owls hoot, groundhogs rustle, bunnies hustle off the trail; out of my way, this way and that. I'm waiting for sasquatch to cut across the trail. I don't know what sounds he will make. I worry about that sometimes as I'm tooling down the trail ensconced in tree cover following a tunnel of light from my headlamp amidst all darkness. "Is there really a "bigfoot"? Last week as I passed the gravel pit on the way to work a load of gravel was dumped into a truck just as I went by. For a split second I thought it was bigfoot. When I'm on the road in the quiet morning I can easily hear the cars coming. They are more frightening in the dark somehow. Sometimes I shudder and tuck my shoulder in just before they go by. My mom made a little whirly gig that sticks out to my left by 2 1/2 feet. I have reflectors on that, lights on the back of my bike, and am wearing a reflective vest, but still, the cars are loud.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

FLMSP Pancake breakfast/benefit

Some intrepid souls showed up April 21 in Corwin and participated in the pancake breakfast meant to support the volunteer efforts of the group Friends of the Little Miami State Park. Believe it or not we had fun. Yes it rained a bit (all day) and it was a bit chilly (froze our tucas's) but still it was fun. Jan brought Tippy the "medical miracle" dog and Cindy brought Boo the "super hero dog"; I would have brought the cats but there were not enough pancakes to feed them all. I met Steve Murphy president of FLMSP http://www.littlemiamistatepark.org/, Randy Durrum and Bob Taft. Steve and I talked about the upcoming opportunity to donate to FLMSP through this blog. We will be working together to create a donate button on the FLMSP website so that we all can support FLMSP's efforts to preserve, maintain and enhance the trail. Watch for more updates on that soon.

Rain or shine the pancakes were fine... More to come.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Here are a few pics from the fitting (see previous post for the story). If you want to see more just click on this link.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MOOTS fitting at Biowheels in Cincy.

As part of their sponsorship, MOOTS is building a bike for me. Just me. Can you believe it? I am so very excited. (To the point of tears on occasion.) In order to get the right dimensions on the new bike I needed to be "fitted" to another bike so that MOOTS could build the size of bike I need and in what configuration.

Jon Cariveau at MOOTS in Colorado (MOOTS.com) works in conjunction with Mitch Graham at Biowheels (cincinnati.biowheels.com); a bike shop in Cincinnati, so I went down to Biowheels for the "fitting".

WOW! What a process!

Mitch at Biowheels set me up on the Retul System at his shop. Space age bike fitting! Eletronic leads all over my body (see pictures courtesy of Cindy... or see the retul.com website [that is not me on the bike] ). Information about my riding was fed through a computer and onto a screen in front of me.

When the electronic leads were placed in their respective spots, Mitch instructed me to pedal at different speeds and effort levels. While doing so, information about my style of riding showed up on the computer screen. I learned that my right leg "hitch hikes" along, pedaling at 70% efficiency while my left leg is at 83% efficiency. The leads also indicated that I ride with my left hip forward of my right as result of my left leg doing more of the work. Wow! No wonder my left leg bothers me when I ride... it's fatigued.

The Retul system also pointed out that my pedal stroke had a dead spot in the bottom of the stroke pattern. In response, Mitch lowered my saddle height until the dead spot dissapeared. Increased efficiency!

After adjusting the bike for my highest pedaling efficiency possible, Mitch used an electronic probe and " drew " the measurements of my MOOTS X YBB onto the computer screen. For example: he touched the headset at the handle bars with the probe and then the seat post under my saddle; wala!; the length of the new bike's top tube was established via the probe onto the computer screen. A bike specifically for me was drawn right before my eyes.

Then Mitch emailed the info to Jon Cariveau at MOOTS Bikes. MOOTS will build the new bike from that info.

Fantastic huh?

By the way....
This process is available to everyone and can help anyone be more comfortable and efficient on a bike. Just go to Biowheels for a fitting.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Riding at night.

Yesterday after riding on the bike trail with friends and having dinner I rode back home. It was after dark. I wanted a ride; in a vehicle. But I got on my bike and headed out. I was glad after getting home that I had not taken the ride offered. It is strangely pleasant riding at night. Not many cars, the temperature is good and it is quiet.
While I was riding I tried, in my mind, to close in the road sides; to make the road into a trail. And then I added wild animals along side of the trail; cougars, badgers and .... bears. Then, in my mind,I camped for the night. Then I thought.... what am I doing? Why am I doing this race? Chit!
I wonder sometimes what I am getting myself into. Most of my daydreams consist of crossing the line in Mexico but sometimes .... I think of other things.
I am not all bravado.
I do not mind saying I am scared.

Moots sponsorship!

MOOTS, a premier bicycle company prides themselves on building lifetime bikes.

"We handcraft high-performance titanium bicycle frames and components in our small factory in Steamboat Springs, CO. Our goal is to build each customer the best-fitting, finest-riding bike they will ever own. Our purposeful design philosophy, our knowledge of the unique characteristics of titanium, and our relentless focus on craftsmanship come together in the creation of true lifetime bikes—whether your preference is asphalt, dirt or both."

As part of their Womans Initiative MOOTS has decided to sponsor me in the race! They are building a bike for me to help ensure my success. A custom bike. Worth more than any car I have ever owned. More than my tractor! More than my toaster!

The people at MOOTS decided to build a Mooto X Ybb (29er softail) with a full SRAM XO kit, Fox Fork, Stans Wheels and all the trimmings; set to specifications. Look it up on their website.. MOOTS.com under "Our Bikes".

I will benefit immensely from this bike. It will be fast,responsive, lightweight and well...... beautiful.

Things in people's front yards.

Dogs.Primarily dogs.Though often they don't stay there. I get close up views of many of them.
Geeese. Close in numbers to dogs however they tend to stay put.
Cars. Many of which, in my community at least, do not move at all.
Newspapers. ( I don't think they saw the article.)
Flags. American flags; possibly made in China.
Beds. Flower beds. Sometimes a bed with flowers in it.
Toilets. With flowers in them, around them, flowing over them, out of them.
Unfinished projects.
Cats, on occasion. Squishing themselves into the ground,pressing flat; hoping not to be seen.
Signs. Eggs for sale. Barn sale. Goats for sale. Horse 4 sale. Trailer for sale(or rent). Free Kittens.
People. I look at them, they look at me. Sometimes they wave. More often we exchange glances. Both wondering what the other is doing and why.