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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Canos Plaza and Lulu

I think this story is unfinished but I thought I would publish anyway and include pictures. Tracy may update it later.

Jim and I shared a breakfast of three day old poorly made cinnamon rolls and a four day old poppy seed muffin. I shouldn't say shared ... We both tried to give the other our breakfast and  neither of us wanted the deal. That was it we were out of food. Jim did have a power bar left....but at this point he does not consider them to be food. I never did. We were headed into Canos Plaza where there was a tiny little store (featured in the movie) that was really a tin shed stocked full of candy bars and such. When we got there it was closed. El Rito was in 17 miles so we would be okay. We were busy taking pictures of each other in front of the famous store when dogs began to bark and trot our way. Then a four wheeler was fired up and a small woman with the cash tray in her lap steered the beast our way. Just like in the movie Slyvia came to open the store just for us. When she pulled up she looked at me and asked "are you Tracy?" (kid you not). I smiled, shook my head and answered. She walked right up to me and gave me a big hug. I guess am easily identified as the last of ten women. Poor Jim is one of 95. She said she had been watching our balloons coming down the trail. Lulu and Oreo busied themselves around our legs  while she opened the shed doors and put the cash drawer in place. We busied ourselves around the store.  We bought 15 dollars worth of candy bars and such while Lulu licked my legs and begged for pets. We signed Slyvia's T.D. riders book and talked a bit. When I stepped out of the shed Lulu had made her needs clearer. (see picture) I obliged.


  1. You've gotta write a book! Actually a series of books...I can't get enough!!!
    Luv u
    Sandy B

  2. You bring us a good laugh and inspiration every time you post a new, or for that matter, even old story! Anyone who can ride 2500+ miles through 10,000' mountains and still laugh about life is pretty special.

    And, you're extra special. Sending our love, energy & support,

  3. Awwwwwwww.... that one brought on more than a few (much needed) smiles Tracy. :-) Thanks for the story & photo. Every mile brings you 'closer to fine'. I'm with you all the way! Keep on keepin' on womyn. ;-)

  4. Lulu is adorable! What a great story!
    Love, -cindylist

  5. I want you back home but man am i gonna miss the stories and up dates of your adventure. They always blow my mind, make me laugh and/or tear up. thanks for posting and taking us along.
    love ya,