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Sunday, July 15, 2012

up next...

Today (Monday) Jim and Tracy are in Del Norte, Colorado and will climb from 7,900 to 12,000 feet over 20 miles (15 miles will be very very steep) on the way out of Del Norte. It is the most grueling climb on the entire route. It will end at Skyline Lodge. That is where Matthew Lee ate french toast in front of a crackling fire in the Tour Divide movie. They hope to do the same. That will be Monday. Tuesday... New Mexico.

Also, stay tuned for a blog story that will finally reveal the mystery animal from the picure in a previous blog.


  1. You can do it Tracy! Keep imaging all the people who love you pushing you up that mountain...and of course that French toast.

  2. Woo Hoo! Just passed the 2000 mile mark! Congrats TB and JS! Keep....on....pedaling!


  3. Keep moving, keep climbing....the end is near! What an adventure you have taken us on....You're AWESOME...so keep moving sista!

  4. Looks like you just passed 2100 miles & into New Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!! Just think, only a little over 600 to go!! Unbelieveable!! You & Jim make quite a team. I'm sure it helps to have someone to ride with. Can hardly wait for the finish!! Love,Mom

  5. You are the oldest woman to finish this year. Sara at43 is next oldest. 1 woman is riding tandem, 2 have scratched & 8 will finish. Didn't know if you were aware of this. GREAT JOB!!! Love, Mom

  6. Tracy called in from Del Norte:


  7. Hey, you promised us you would name the mystery animal! We have a bet going here....one says German Shepherd, one says owl, ones says jack-o-bear (what ever that is). Closest one wins:)