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Monday, July 9, 2012


Notice the zipper across the top of the picture...this animal tried to crawl into Tracy's tent the other night!!

More Later!


  1. Is that the rare white miniature grizzly? Heard of them but never seen one before.

  2. No...I think this is the Eagle that Tracy has been soaring with.
    Keep your tires rubber side down Tracy & Jim and fly like the wind. You guys are awesome!
    Sandy & Marge

  3. Lol Tracy it came to say hi!!!!

  4. Help me out here..... what IS that !?!? For my own peace of mind, I'll go with a stray German Shepherd. ;-)

  5. What is that? Jackson thinks it is a cat of some sort?? It liked you sooo it must be a cat!

  6. Bigger than a mouse.....smaller than a grizzly (I think).....what the $%^& is THAT! I wish I could say that it's eyes looked gentle and kind, but they actually look a bit menacing. I'm sure Tracy stared it down til it whimpered:)

  7. Welcome to the new game show "Guess That Animal"....
    Theme song, "The Look of Love"
    Starring Tracy and her little friend....

  8. Mountain goat??

  9. Chris and I think it might be an owl! That's our final answer Tracy.
    Lots of hugs, Jan