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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friends you can count on

Storms come every afternoon in the mountains during monsoon season. Jim and I are in the thick of monsoon season. Everyday we watch the thunder heads build; and  wait for the onslaught. Jim calls them our "friends", I have another name for them. They usually come with hail and lightning and always bring trepidation and down right fear. I try not to pee my pants; I tell myself that pee will conduct electricity. Two days ago the hail was tearing through my hotel shower cap helmet cover and stinging my legs when I gave in and ran for cover under a small group of trees. Jim did follow though he usually holds out a bit longer. On a pass in Colorado our "friends" visited us and brought the same thing but packed a little more of a punch. We were at the top of a pass and entered what they call a "park" which is a big open area. I considered it a big frying pan. It was muddy and we were pushing our bikes slow and steadily when POP!! / POP!!  Two bolts of lightening came down very very near us ....inside the park about 50 yards away. In an instant I jumped ten feet sideways bike in tow. I yelled the "F" word out loud in fright and looked for Jim. He was slogging along. I could feel the heat from he bolt on the right side of my face. "Didn't that scare you?" I yelled. He gave me the divers sign for "I  am okay" and kept right on walking.


  1. OMG, all I can do is shake my head everytime I read your blog, it's like "really!" but you keep going on and that is what's great. We all know that you will make it all the way.
    Kathy B.

  2. Yikes!!! I would have been terrified! Stay safe out there, will ya??
    Love, -cindylist