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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Food and fun

Jim and I do food a little differently. He is a man's man when it comes to food. He lives on power bars out here... but that is slowly changing. I hate hate hate powerbars. I don't eat them, I'd rather eat road kill. So out here I pack hostess crumb cakes ortwinkies, loaves of bread and peanut butter, cookies, bagels and salami, and the regular junk like candy bars and candy bars and candy bars. When Jim and I crossed the basin we provisioned in that lovely little town of Atlantic City. The bed may have had turds in it but the food choices weren't bad. I picked up some chicken salad in a can with crackers, some cheese danishes, fruit cups and..... candy bars. Jim had vienna sausages, trial mix and.... powerbars.

We started out at 2 in the morning and provisioned enough to make it the 134 miles to Rawlings . The basin was beautiful at night, the sunrise was splendid and the sun was searing. We barely stopped all day; often eating while straddling our bikes, getting off only to pee. We pedaled against the wind, in the dust, nothing taller than us. It was good but grueling. With 17 miles to go we couldn't take it anymore and had to take a sit down break. Jim pulled out a vanilla power bar. That thing bent over as he released it from its stabilizing package. It was sticky, strings of Elmer's white glue connecting it to the wrapper, it looked like wet saw dust. He was choking it down. He looked over at me while I ate my chicken salad on little crackers and sipped the juice off my fruit cup. He shook his head, "THATS IT!", he said. I am convinced...I am going to change my food choices! Four days later out of Steamboat Springs Jim  secretly bought 4 bakery cinnamon rolls for our breakfast in Radium the next morning.  During our night camping in Radium a raccoon got into his pack and ate every one of them. When he discovered the backpack empty he could see the beady eyed bandit peering out from beneath the bathroom wall .We considered eating the raccoon.


  1. I am ROFLMAO...
    Almost at the bottom of my list, I thought I'd ever hear Tracy say something like "Jim and I"...
    But it slips out of her like...goo off a hot powerbar.
    I've always been amazed how powerful life events can make for the strangest of friendships. I for one am very glad that you have each other. No matter who we are, or how old we get, we can always learn something from others.
    Sorry to hear about saddle sores...remember that little bit of ICE I told you about TBB!?!
    Take care my friend and hurry back to Ohio!

  2. Tracy your stories are hilarious! The hell with the book, I want to see the movie version of this adventure! The only question is which actress would be worthy of playing you!
    Thanks for allowing all of us to tag along on this wonderful ride!

  3. Ahhh...powerbars...don't leave home without them!! :-). :-)


  4. That's a scream. No one would mourn one less raccoon in the world, at least not at Happy Hen Farm.

  5. LOL... "Tails of the Trail"

  6. Tracy called in from Salida: