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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank you.

Thank you all for coming to the send off party and watching the movie. I hope the movie allowed you to experience a bit of what the race will be. I had fun, I sure hope you did as well.

  Support from friends and family is an important part of what fuels me to train for and complete this race.  I am grateful that you all are interested, that you want to join in, help, support, watch the movie, come to the party, get on the blog or just talk about the race. As an extrovert, I love being part of a "team" and your support gives this solo race a "team " feel for me. For me, we do this together.

How about that bike?
Biowheels of Cincinnati put that together in a hurry for the party so that we all could see it, ride it and bask it it's glory.  :) A big shout out to Mitch of Biowheels for that effort.

Also, I'll tell you, MOOTS makes a sweeeet bike.

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  1. Hey Ms. Tracy, sorry I couldn't come and visit today like normal. We had a parade this morning which I had to go to and then all the seniors had to go to the football stadium and hang out for the last time before graduation. NO ONE WAS ALLOWED IN THE SCHOOL REGARDLESS. I tried. I ended up leaving early. I miss you and am thinking about u as usual. See u tomorrow hopefully.