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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the spot tracker

So there are two ways for Tracy to engage the spot tracker and for us all to follow her. One is just a sort of check in similar to when people use their phones to check in at a certain location. When she pushes the checkin button it sends a message to the blog (and the facebook page) with her location at that moment in time and a link to the spot tracker map so you can see it on a map. It is her way of interactively telling people "I'm here, I'm alive, I'm ok". This way you know that she actively pressed a button. This is what is happening when you see the spot tracker posts on the blog.

 The other way for us to follow her is tracking. That is a different button on the tracker. When she pushes that button it will start tracking her over time and will send updates at different intervals. This is the button she will use that will send the regular updates to the tour divide tracking page http://tourdivide.org/leaderboard. You will not be able to track her on that page until the start of the race on June 8th. She did however test this function out this morning and you can see it at this location:


That is the link you can use to track her as she trains until the race starts, after the race starts you should use the http://tourdivide.org/leaderboard link.

I will post these links on the side bar.

happy tracking.

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