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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lessons in the Rain

Sunday's ride was more of a "shake out" then a shake down. Rain all day. It was a good day to test out the rain gear, the booties, combinations of clothing; my resolve...
 First. I left my favortie Moon Pies in the car. Then I found out those orange colored peanut butter crackers.... do not stand up well when being opened in the pouring rain or handled with wet gloves. Also, I can't see chit out of glasses polka dotted with rain and grit. In addition, a hood over my helmet is more of a parachute then anything else, a hood underneath my helmet is worse for other reasons. All of these were good lessons.
The best lesson however came at the end of the day.
The last mile or two was a long down hill and I let it fly...38mph on wet pavement is a thrill. When I slid to a stop at the car, I got off my bike and hooked my fingers underneath my seat to lift the rear of my bike over to the car .... as I did my rear tire.... fell off.  FELL off!
I am lucky. In the rain.


  1. Shake out, indeed! Zoicks! 38mph on wet pavement with a detached tire?

  2. You are making me grayer!!!

  3. Yikes! SOOOOOO glad you made it to the bottom of the hill before that happened... Moots better make a delivery SOON!

  4. Lots of lessons learned hey, hope that you learn as many as possible before you start. Sooooo glad you made it to the bottom before the tire fell off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!