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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last night I did the Oregonia Hills workout with Aaron. We didn't talk much. Sometimes we can't. It is a thirty mile workout with a series of twelve hills, 2500 feet of elevation gain. It can be a bit daunting and sometimes lonely. I pass houses and look into their naked front window; I watch T.V. for a brief second and wonder what they are watching or talking about. What they are eating for dinner. I look into cars as they pass us and wonder where they are going. I am sure they wonder what we are doing. Aaron and I often laugh about the " WTF... slow down moment". As the driver comes around the corner and encounters our tail lights or head lights we can hear the engine pause just as the driver does. I bet they think we are crazy or something.
It is however, a beautiful thing riding at night. We get to listen to Great Horned Owls, see the springs' first wood frogs and quess what is in the woods near by rustling up and away. Sometimes deer run with us for a brief moment before darting across the field or across the road in front of us. Once I had a fox run with me for four or five strides before darting in front of me and across my path.
When the ride is over we get to go home to our warm kitchens and devour anything that does not move. Last night it was two chicken breasts, three bowls of cereal and lots of almond butter. I wanted ice cream.


  1. If it was colder, I'd mail you some ice cream right now! Good work - riding and writing!

  2. I always recommend ice cream for healthy riding!

  3. eeuuuuuuwwww....I saw 5 out of the 8 hills this past weekend...my Ford didn't even want to drive up #8. Don't know how you do it!!!