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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rules of the Road

The Tour Divide has a set of stringent rules we must follow. Compliance is strictly "On your Honor".

We are bound then, by honor only, to follow these rules.

Tour Divide Rules ( In summary.)

1. You may start your race at any time though there is a Grand Depart on June 15th.

*All attempts are to be solo, self timed, and self supported. It is tolerated to ride

together though no drafting is allowed.

* The race clock will run non-stop after starting the race.

2. Riders must ride un-supported between towns and function self supported in towns.

* No private resupply, no private lodging. All assistance must be commercially available

to all riders. Outside private assistance with navigation, lodging or resupply is prohibited.

( No cookies in the mail.)

* No visitation of any sort from friends or family during the race.

3. Riders must advance forward on the course under their own pedal power. No sails, or other

contraptions. No moving forward on the course in a motor vehicle to gain supplies or parts.

4. The Tour Divide is a Web-administered do it yourself challenge. There is nothing to win or

lose but honor.

* No checkpoints or officials on the course.

* On-line GPS tracking is used for validation of course compliance.

* There is no mechanism in place to communicate to riders on the course

We will have Spot Trackers with us, therefore friends and family will be able to follow our progress in the race on-line. Cindy will keep the blog up-dated as well.

Fun huh?


  1. No cookies in the mail?!?!? What kind of torture trap have you signed up for??

    1. Torture Trap. Suffer Fest. Solo Suck.
      Beautiful scenery included; no charge.

  2. "Fun" ?
    Well... it'll be fun for me to read about. ;-)

    You go womyn !

  3. It is a challenge only for those that are honorable. I know you guys will do awesome.