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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fifty is Nifty

Who knew! Who knew being old could be cool?

Well actually, at times, minutes at a time, it can be very hot. I have often said race directors should add a new category of racers called " Women with hot flashes". I'm telling you, it is a new experience; while racing suddenly you become hotter than a stove top coil on high. You know... your blood begins to "boil", your tolerance level for your teammates goes way down and all you want to do is lay down naked in the nearest body of water whether it be in a deep ditch or a muddy puddle.

It is hard to explain to others who do not experience this. I myself used to make fun of women who, for no apparent reason, ripped off their outer wear, stretched their arms away from their body, grabbed a piece of newspaper, a book , or any other available "fan" and began using it, wildly. And then with less apparent provocation than before; put everything back on.

Sara just laughs at me when I say I should get special compensation for my age.

She'll find out.


  1. You have to think of them as "POWER SURGES"!!!
    Keep some in reserve for those high altitude mountain passes...

    1. Well they are " power surges" sort of.... not really more like "power sucks" ... but fifty is nifty... right?

  2. Matthew Robbins loaned me his Ride the Divide DVD. We should plan a bon voyage party for you two and show the film. I'm happy to help with the planning, if you just tell me when and where.

    1. I agree that would be fun Steph. How cool would that be? At that time we could hand out our post office stops so that you guys could send us... brownies and jars of yummy food we would devour.
      We could also give the website out for our spot trackers so that people could find us on a daily basis.... it would be fun knowing people were checking in on us. Thanks!

    2. Oh just read the rules again.... no brownies will be sent... no jars of food.... no gummy bears... no beers... no chocolate ... nope.

  3. That's a great idea Steph!
    -- bonycrow