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Monday, March 5, 2012

General Questions

In conversations about the race with friends and family I have realized many people have questions that they want answered. I will do my best to answer the "general questions". If you have any other specific questions I would be happy to answer them. Just reply to this blog. I love to talk about this race.

We will start June 15th with the "Grande Depart". About one hundred riders will start the race on that day, I assume less than five will be women.

The attrition rate for racers is about 65%, most of which do not get out of Montana. Some of which will be eaten.

To be considered a "racer" one must complete the course in less than 30 days.
Racers tend to travel around 100 miles a day... more if a bear is chasing them.

The women's record is 24 days. I am hoping for a bear.

We will not carry a stove to cook on nor will we have a pot to piss in. We will stop to resupply in the few towns that are along the way. Candy bars, pretzels, hot dogs, hamburgers, and maybe a beer or two will be our main staple. Maybe some pancakes. And coffee ... lots of coffee. Just the grounds if we're desperate.... but definitely coffee.

Racers tend to carry 1-3 days of food. Less if a bear is chasing them.

We will stay the night anywhere we stop and drop. I imagine sometimes with food hanging out of our mouths and our shoes still on. We have been told we will sleep the "sleep of the dead". I am wondering if hot flashes can wake the dead.

There are a few towns with a variety of ammenities; none ...to several hotels and restauraunts in one town. You can bet we will get into a bed occasionally,
and a shower if we get dirty.

We will have to find and purify our own water along the way or carry water with us from the towns. Cows are a viable option for rehydration. Not against the rules anyway.

We will carry clothes, a tent, sleeping bag, tools, a first aid kit and nothing else. Oh, maps. We will need maps. And sunscreeen. No deodorant and no soap. Oh yeah T.P.... we'll need a little of that. Maybe some soap.

We will also carry a "Spot Tracker". Friends and family will be able to follow us on-line via satelite. You will be able to check in on the race website and follow our progress. If the blib you are following suddenly veers wildly off course and stays put, lets say in a den or something... you'll know what happened.

There is a documentary called "Ride the Divide" that followed several racers along the course in 2008 (including the first woman to have completed the course). This film will give you a flavor of what we will experience and answer more questions. Maybe make more questions. We'll try to answer them.

Thanks for being interested!

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  1. Did you know that chocolate is bad for bears? Like it is bad for dogs...maybe if you eat enough chocolate, you'll smell like a chocolate bar. So if you are eaten by a bear, you'll make the bear sick...take that you Bruin!