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Thursday, February 2, 2012


That is what we are watching tonight while we train. We are far from bridesmaids ourselves. We are more like bike maids or bike slaves, but really, we are slaves to this dream. Sara and I compare our night dreams. Mine usually include a bear and a crushing sensation either on a leg or my torso. Sara's often include riding, riding and more riding ... and a crushing sensation.
We are excited to say the least. Sara is reading the story about Jill Homer in "Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide. Jill is the record holder for the womens division of this race. ( Less than ten women in the world have completed this race.)
I am still sleeping with the window open, practicing being out in all kinds of weather, but staying inside when it rains. I figure I do not need to practice that yet. Right?


  1. so....does this mean that we can expect a book from you when you complete your ride?

  2. I put your blog url and the article link on Facebook.


    I also let folks know at http://thetrailhead.ning.com

    Keep me posted.

    Larry Budd