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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things in people's front yards.

Dogs.Primarily dogs.Though often they don't stay there. I get close up views of many of them.
Geeese. Close in numbers to dogs however they tend to stay put.
Cars. Many of which, in my community at least, do not move at all.
Newspapers. ( I don't think they saw the article.)
Flags. American flags; possibly made in China.
Beds. Flower beds. Sometimes a bed with flowers in it.
Toilets. With flowers in them, around them, flowing over them, out of them.
Unfinished projects.
Cats, on occasion. Squishing themselves into the ground,pressing flat; hoping not to be seen.
Signs. Eggs for sale. Barn sale. Goats for sale. Horse 4 sale. Trailer for sale(or rent). Free Kittens.
People. I look at them, they look at me. Sometimes they wave. More often we exchange glances. Both wondering what the other is doing and why.

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