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Little Miami State Park

Sunday, April 22, 2012

FLMSP Pancake breakfast/benefit

Some intrepid souls showed up April 21 in Corwin and participated in the pancake breakfast meant to support the volunteer efforts of the group Friends of the Little Miami State Park. Believe it or not we had fun. Yes it rained a bit (all day) and it was a bit chilly (froze our tucas's) but still it was fun. Jan brought Tippy the "medical miracle" dog and Cindy brought Boo the "super hero dog"; I would have brought the cats but there were not enough pancakes to feed them all. I met Steve Murphy president of FLMSP http://www.littlemiamistatepark.org/, Randy Durrum and Bob Taft. Steve and I talked about the upcoming opportunity to donate to FLMSP through this blog. We will be working together to create a donate button on the FLMSP website so that we all can support FLMSP's efforts to preserve, maintain and enhance the trail. Watch for more updates on that soon.

Rain or shine the pancakes were fine... More to come.

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