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Rivers Unlimited
Little Miami State Park

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Training Schedule

From here on out(since the race is starting early) we will be on our bikes both days of every weekend. If you have an idea for a training ride please let us know.

For example: I have biked from my house to the bike trail somewhere down the line and met people for 10 -20 miles then ridden home. For me it is a 70-90 mile day and for you .... however long you want. We all get out and ride however I get to look forward to seeing you in the middle of a long ride and I get to have lunch with you.

Don't want to ride? Suggest a restaurant and I'll meet you there for lunch, or in a park for a walk or run, or at your house for a project and dinner. Anything will do. Just meet me or Sara or both. It will be fun.

1 comment:

  1. I can vouch for Tracy's plan...it's works and she is fun to ride and dine with...
    At least I had a good time riding and dining with her...twice...thank you very much!