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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MOOTS fitting at Biowheels in Cincy.

As part of their sponsorship, MOOTS is building a bike for me. Just me. Can you believe it? I am so very excited. (To the point of tears on occasion.) In order to get the right dimensions on the new bike I needed to be "fitted" to another bike so that MOOTS could build the size of bike I need and in what configuration.

Jon Cariveau at MOOTS in Colorado (MOOTS.com) works in conjunction with Mitch Graham at Biowheels (cincinnati.biowheels.com); a bike shop in Cincinnati, so I went down to Biowheels for the "fitting".

WOW! What a process!

Mitch at Biowheels set me up on the Retul System at his shop. Space age bike fitting! Eletronic leads all over my body (see pictures courtesy of Cindy... or see the retul.com website [that is not me on the bike] ). Information about my riding was fed through a computer and onto a screen in front of me.

When the electronic leads were placed in their respective spots, Mitch instructed me to pedal at different speeds and effort levels. While doing so, information about my style of riding showed up on the computer screen. I learned that my right leg "hitch hikes" along, pedaling at 70% efficiency while my left leg is at 83% efficiency. The leads also indicated that I ride with my left hip forward of my right as result of my left leg doing more of the work. Wow! No wonder my left leg bothers me when I ride... it's fatigued.

The Retul system also pointed out that my pedal stroke had a dead spot in the bottom of the stroke pattern. In response, Mitch lowered my saddle height until the dead spot dissapeared. Increased efficiency!

After adjusting the bike for my highest pedaling efficiency possible, Mitch used an electronic probe and " drew " the measurements of my MOOTS X YBB onto the computer screen. For example: he touched the headset at the handle bars with the probe and then the seat post under my saddle; wala!; the length of the new bike's top tube was established via the probe onto the computer screen. A bike specifically for me was drawn right before my eyes.

Then Mitch emailed the info to Jon Cariveau at MOOTS Bikes. MOOTS will build the new bike from that info.

Fantastic huh?

By the way....
This process is available to everyone and can help anyone be more comfortable and efficient on a bike. Just go to Biowheels for a fitting.


  1. Hey Ms. B, its Madison. I'm not creepin, I promise u that Lol. Just wanted to say I'm so proud of you for staying dedicated to this. Words cannot describe how I feel. I love you. You go girl! !

  2. Wow! That's an amazing process! I can't wait for you to report back once you've had a chance to try out this made-to-order bike!

  3. Can't wait to see the new Moots wheels...I'll be honored to bicycle in your pack while training! Does it come with a kickstand?