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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Warm and light

Sara and I will be sleeping out during Christmas break. She says she will anyway. We need to test out our sleeping systems. We need to find out how light can we go and still be warm in twenty degree weather. We have to carry these things up and over every mountain pass. We have to carry these things every mile of the race, all the way from Canada to Mexico. So we will go as light as possible. I will be trying out a 9 ounce tent. You might ask how much protection will that give you?". Not much. But it is light.


  1. Nice! Would have been fun to join ya that week. Thanks for inviting me for a night or two. Did you figure out your gear yet?

    1. We have lots of gear figuring to do. Lots of riding to do. Lots to do. Who wants ride???

  2. I do!! And those jump squats sound appealing too. Come on, let me have just one workout with you gals. :) - Bev