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Friday, December 16, 2011

Map the Grizzlies

Yes Sara got the new maps in yesterday. There are little bears all over the map indicating grizzly bear territory. Might as well be little dinner plates. I have this tiny little tent that is half screen and Sara runs faster than I do. What chance do I have? I have a higher fat content, I have been tenderized with age and I will smell... big smell, and all of that smell will waft out the huge screen of my tent (nope .. no door) and tantalize those grizzlies. Do you know how fast I will have to run to get away from those lip licking grizzlies? Just faster than Sara. And that is just not going to happen. Suddenly I am questioning this whole thing.


  1. Dinner plates!!! OMG! you are a riot.

  2. Rocky (the rescue cat) and I watched The Divide Movie Trailer. Rocky wrote you a poem that you may be able to relate to by the end of your race:
    I have felt your hunger,
    now you know mine.
    I have felt your pain,
    now you know mine.
    I have felt your lonliness,
    now you know mine.
    I have felt the sweet, loving kindness of strangers,the gentleness of human touch,
    and the relief of a long journey accomplished,
    may you know mine.

    1. Amy thank you and Rocky for your poem. My eyes get misty when I think of his journey, and of ours to come.
      For those of you who do not know, Amy rescued a cat that had been hanging arond the high school for several months. No one knew, until Amy took notice, that the cat was in trouble. Some how he had gotten his front leg up through his collar until it "straddled" his body; under his left arm and over is right shoulder. The nylon had slowly inexorably torn through his skin, connective tissue, muscle tissue and shoulder joint and was working on amputating the little guys front leg.
      Amy and her family took Rocky in as their own and he is now a happy member of their menagerie.
      May Sara and I have the same kind of luck.

  3. Tracy and Sara, as you prepare for this momentous trip, you might keep this time-worn old proverb in mind:

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
    - Chinese proverb

    Of course after a thousand miles, you won’t even be close to being half-way finished, and you’ll be out in some godforsaken place from which there’s no hope of rescue. But no sense in worrying about that right now.

    Aaron and Jess